Releasing Ruby gems from your CI environment

Posted by Thiago Marano

17 April 2014

Doing Continuous Integration for Ruby gems is not a new idea. Given that, one might want to also build and release new versions of the gem to from your CI server(or service!). That said, releasing every change you make to is likely not the best way to release usable chunks of functionality to your users. A build pipeline with a manually triggered deployment stage is a much easier way to handle this case.

When setting up a build for your Ruby gem on Snap (we detect the presence of a .gemspec file to guess that you might be doing so), we offer to set up a deployment stage to that can be triggered on demand to deploy any version of the gem you have built successfully already. The video below explains better how this works:

This functionality can be combined with Automatic Branch Tracking to release from a named branch instead too, though in this case, you would need to configure the Release stage manually.

Following on the heels of yesterday’s announcement, since most Ruby gems are Open Source or at least public, you can start using this today for free!

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