OpenShift Deployments using Snap CI

Posted by Kelvin Nicholson

25 November 2014

Snap has built in support for several Platforms-as-a-Services(PAAS), yet it is surprisingly easy
to add any provider that accepts git push deployments. In this example we will
add a deploy step for OpenShift, an open source PAAS from RedHat,
which includes a free tier for small projects. This example should take less than
10 minutes, depending on your experience with SSH.

Step 1: Add SSH Keys

You will need to add your private SSH key (i.e. id_rsa or id_dsa) to Snap, and your public
key to OpenShift (i.e. or

You can create the keys on another machine with the ssh-keygen command, and
copy/paste them into them into the corresponding places. In OpenShift, this is
under Settings > Add a new key. Once open, paste in the contents of your key.

OpenShift Key Image

In Snap, edit your configuration, navigate to your Deploy step, and look for “Secure Files” and “Add new”

Add Files Image

Get the content of the id_rsa key you generated earlier and post it in the content box. It should look like this, with “id_rsa” as the name, “/var/go/.ssh” as the file location, “0600” as the permissions, and a real key:


The name and location are important, as these are the default locations that git will use.

Step 2: Configure Deploy

With your keys in place it is now possible to perform a git push with this single line to your Deploy stage:

git push ssh://

Re-run the build, check your logs, and it should deploy. Good luck!

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