Meet a Snap developer: Fernando

Posted by Suzie Prince

16 March 2015

Meet Fernando Junior

Fernando Junior, a developer usually based in Recife, Brazil, but currently in Pune, India, tells us all about life on the Snap team.

When did you join Snap?

I joined Snap in January 2014. I started right after I graduated college in Brazil. Now that I’m with Snap, I basically do everything that Badri (the Product Manager) doesn’t.

So what’s an average day look like for you?

I’m always working on something. Most of the time it goes well, but something might happen: for example, a customer or trial user has a problem. We found a bug. Heroku goes down. So we get interrupted. That’s actually an average day!

What do you like about Snap?

I was able to set up the entire dev environment on a Monday in 30 minutes. Everything was ready, automated, the scripts and the deployment pipelines. Everything.

Where would you like to see Snap go?

I want Snap to be a well-known, reliable service for people who don’t have time to get their hands dirty to achieve Continuous Delivery. I want to welcome new users who are learning about automatic tests and continuous integration: Snap can be the playground for them to learn more about Continuous Delivery.

What’s your favorite part of your workday?

I really enjoy getting feedback from clients. It’s nice when the client is very happy, and then two weeks later they’re buying it. It’s very rewarding.

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