Fun with Snap CI API and IFTTT Do Button

Posted by Marco Valtas

30 September 2015

Who says you can’t have fun doing Continuous Delivery? Snap user and fellow ThoughtWorker, Marco Valtas, recently designed a deploy button for pushing to production.

Snap CI updated its APIs a while ago and I didn’t have chance to try them. But then recently I found IFTTT Do Button so I thought, “What about a deploy button for Snap?” Well, here it is:

Fun Goldberg Machine with @snap_ci and IFTTT

It’s a sort of a Goldberg Machine, but fun. Basically what happens is:

Here’s the script:

For this script to work you need fswatch, jq and cURL. Note that I save my API key in my keychain. If you’re not using a Mac, you need to figure a way to keep it a secret.

This article was originally featured on Marco Valtas’ blog

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