Snap CI Digest - March 2016: Boaty McBoatface and the Internet Decision Machine

Posted by Louda Peña

25 March 2016

snap ci digest march 2016

Welcome to our 2nd edition of the Snap CI Digest. We are pleased with all the positive feedback from the January Digest, so hopefully you’ll be just as excited for March.

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Simple Made Easy
Instead of looking for the easy way out, find the simple way. Rich Hickey talks about how.

Immutable Infrastructure on HighOps
Three articles with some hows and whys featuring expert thoughts from Kief Morris, Matthew Skelton, and more.

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What is a ‘unikernel’?
What are unikernels and are they something for you? Matthias Geniar helps explain and answer these questions.

Microkernels are slow and Elvis didn’t do no drugs
V.R. offers a concise tour of microkernel myths and misconceptions “throughout the ages.”

An introduction to Clear Containers
Not just an introduction but a good breakdown of this hot new technology from Arjun van de Ven

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How to Deploy Software
Zach Holman writes about boring and stress-free deployments

Boaty McBoatface: What You Get When You Let the Internet Decide
Katie Rogers from the NYT talks about what we all know; internet users are all made up of 12-year old boys

This Is Our Reality: Why I Couldn’t Hold Back About the Bay Area’s Real Transit Problem
BART insider, Taylor Huckaby, decided to get takeover the transportation system’s official Twitter account. What happened next was a truth bomb.

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