Snap CI Is the Tool for All Cloud-Based Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Needs

Posted by Louda Peña

28 April 2016

continuous delivery is achievable

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Surveys show that half of software organizations polled believe they’re practicing continuous delivery, but many don’t truly practice its key concepts. Snap CI, a product of ThoughtWorks, is changing that. Snap CI is known for its built-in Continuous Integration and Delivery best practices, a clean and visual UI, and fast feedback.

“Hot tech startups are all talking about doing continuous deployment, like you see at places like Etsy or Facebook. But you can’t do these things reliably without a solid continuous delivery pipeline. Luckily, CD isn’t just aspirational: it is achievable,” says Snap’s Product Manager Suzie Prince. “Snap CI is the tool that you may not have heard of, but should absolutely know about it you want to do CI and CD in the cloud.”

Both stacks have the following capabilities

“ThoughtWorks has been at the forefront of continuous delivery adoption since 2010 when former ThoughtWorkers Jez Humble and David Farley published the first book on Continuous Delivery,” says Technical Evangelist Ken Mugrage. “Snap CI continues that spirit of innovation in their product design, always creating new and improved ways for customers to make their releases more reliable and more frequent.”

Useful reading

Basic non-tech intro to Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, etc:

Case-study of Snap client Tramchester, a mobile transit app:

DZone “State of Continuous Delivery” 2015 report and survey:

About ThoughtWorks

ThoughtWorks aims to push software development teams to think and work differently. We were leaders in continuous integration and created the first continuous integration server, Cruise Control, in 2001. From there, we pushed the boundaries of CI into what would become Continuous Delivery. We’ve been working to make Continuous Delivery common practice for the last decade. We didn’t just write the book on Continuous Delivery. We also made the best build and deployment pipelines for on-premise and cloud in GoCD and Snap.

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