10 Snap CI articles to bring with you to a desert island

Posted by Louda Peña

13 December 2016

We’ve compiled our top 10 articles from 2016. Our serverless architecture series was extremely popular, along with tips on faster deployments, how we compare to Jenkins, and how different people define CI and CD terms. We’ve learned a lot, and are excited to bring more tips, tricks, and trends to you in the new year.

#10 How to get faster feedback now - Suzie Prince

faster feedback

#9 Flipping the Switch on Jenkins - Louda Peña

thoughtworks puts jenkins on hold

#8 Snap CI > Jenkins - Suzie Prince

why snap ci is better than Jenkins

#7 The Product Managers’ Guide to Continuous Delivery and DevOps - Suzie Prince

guide to continuous delivery devops

#6 Why we don’t use estimates in our day-to-day - Andrei Tognolo

why developers don't need estimates

#5 An Introduction to Serverless Architecture - Badri Janakiraman

intro to serverless architecture

#4 5 CI/CD Strategies for Faster Software Deployments and Better Automation - Suzie Prince

strategies for faster deployments and automation

#3 Tuesdays at 10am: Serverless Architecture and Bursty Traffic - Suzie Prince

serverless architecture for traffic bursts

#2 No one agrees how to define CI or CD - Emily Luke & Suzie Prince

how do you define CD and CI

#1 Building Serverless Architecture with AWS Lambda, Snap CI and DynamoDB - Badri Janakiraman

serverless architecture with aws lambda and applauze

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